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Boxworth Listed Barn designed by Haysom Ward Miller Architects


The creation of a triple height space spanned by two bridges in the central bay of this converted barn forms the heart of the project, which included a kitchen extension and the creation of two new bedrooms in the roof-space. 

The principal stair which is fabricated in oak, powder coated steel and brass rises through the central volume which is bathed in light from both sides & above. Louvered oak panels on the public side of the home preserve the privacy of this central space from onlookers.The use of oak staves in the new construction echoes the use of the oak studs and frames in the original building but the new are alienated from the old by their crisp edges and precision engineering. 


The intention here is to create and integrate new elements which are 'of our time' yet fit comfortably alongside the historic fabric.

Photos by Louis Sinclair

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