Rowan Haysom
Patrick Ward
Thomas Miller
Elizabeth Miller

All directors at Haysom Ward Miller bring their own particular fields of expertise and interest to the work of the Practice. Regular discussion of the projects is an important part of the way we function, ensuring that every scheme gets the benefit of this expert knowledge. At the core of our output, however, is a common ground, a shared set of principles where our individual interests overlap.
These Practice strengths include:

In depth knowledge of sustainable design and construction

We have a practical knowledge and experience of low-energy building going back to the mid-1990's and have had projects published in the Association of Environmentally Conscious Builders magazine (now the Green Building Magazine). We know that to make a building more sustainable doesn't necessarily mean bolting on more technology and adding cost; a huge difference can be made by taking a little more care at the design stage and carefully selecting materials and construction techniques

Deep practical knowledge of construction techniques and materials

We are constantly inspired by the craft of building - how timber, brick, glass and metals are worked and assembled to make the most of their individual properties and qualities

Development of designs with the user in mind

We don't design egotistical "object" buildings. Our schemes are driven by the spaces formed within and around them, the way they will be used and inhabited and the pleasure that they will be able to bring. We really believe that carefully designed, well thought out, well-suited buildings can offer great value by working efficiently and inspiring those who use them every day.