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RSPB's brief was for a new sustainable and accessible reception hide complex which would help to attract the next generation of nature enthusiasts to the site, on one of their most visited reserves.

The project was a Winner in the RIBA Awards 2011.


In design terms, the uniqueness of the marshland landscape required a special solution. Instead of a single building, the new complex has been fragmented into a collection of smaller structures evoking a series of wings, up-turned boats or a twist of driftwood. The fractured shapes provide a variety of viewing experiences from the close-up to spectacular panoramic views over the lagoons, whilst the detailing of the landscape elements reflects the site's military archaeology as a WW1 firing range. 


HWM master-minded the design and proto-typing of new windows specifically tailored for birdwatching. These new windows are fully accessible for wheelchair users and increase the numbers of birdwatchers who can be accommodated per square meter of hide. They are now being specified for hides elsewhere in the country.

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